Configuration Guide - Setup Multiple Start Commands for Creo Parametric

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This guide describes how to set up different start commands for Creo Parametric. It is recommended to use different start commands if there are multiple users and different kinds of users. Furthermore, it is recommended to have several start commands if you use several different kinds of licenses, in order to avoid accidental use of the wrong licenses. To use different start commands is an easy way to control which licenses that the user is supposed to use.

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6. When you are done with your commands press “Install” Step 5. Next time that Creo Parametric is started the new license command is shown as a startup option

4. Make sure the license server name is setup, otherwise press + and add the license server i.e. 7788@localhost, then press next. Step 3. Press “Customize”

1. Con fi guration guide Set up multiple start commands for Creo Parametric

3. Start the windows browser and go to the installation-catalogue for Creo Parametric Example of this address can be: “ C:\PTC\Creo 3.0\M060\Parametric\bin” Run the “recon fi gure.exe” from the bin-folder by right click and press “run as administrator” Step 1. Step 2.

5. Press “add” to con fi gure a new startup command Press “edit” to con fi gure an existing startup command Use the arrows to add or remove license instances. When you are done with your commands press “OK” Step 4.

2. This Guide describes how to set up di ff rent startcommands for Creo. Parametric. This is if you are multiple users and uses di ff rent kind of licenses. • The startcommand is a easy way to control which licensens that the user is suppose to use. • Recomended is to use several startcommands if you uses several di ff rent kind of licens - es types, so the users dont accidently uses the wrong license.


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