How to add a License Server to LMTools

This page is a help and a guide for when you want to add a license file to LMTools. Click the link below to access the guide for How to Add a License Server to LMTools.

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3.     The Status  Report will  display  the  total  amount  of  valid  li censes  purchased  as  well  as  the   number  of  licenses  that  are  currently  in  use.  It  will  also  display  the  user  name  &  computer   that  has  checked  out  a  license.        

2. Select  the button   You  should  see at  the  bottom  of  the  dashboard   Select button   You  should  see at  the  bottom  of  the  dashboard       STEP 4 Select  the Server  Status tab   Select  the button  

1. How to A dd a L icense S erver to LMTools STEP 1 Begin  by  launching LMTOOLS.EXE and  navigating  to  the Config  Services  Tab     STEP 2 In  the Service  Name field,  enter  a  descrete  name  of  your  choice.   Proc eed  to  path  to  the  location  on  your  server  where  the LMGRD.EXE &  the License   File reside.   Enter  the  path  to  a  debug  log  if  one  exists,  or  you  may  just  enter DEBUG and  a  new  log  will   be  created.   Place  a Check in  the Use  Services &  the Start  server  at  Power  Up boxes.   Proceed  to Save  Service     STEP 3 Select  the Start/Stop/Reread tab  


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