Install guide - Keyshot 8 Plugin for Creo Parametric

Partner Channel / Keyshot

Install guide for how to install and configure Keyshot 8 Plugin for Creo Parametric to be able to start Keyshot from within Creo Parametric

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2. Download • Download the plugin via the following site:

1. Installation guide Keyshot 8 Plugin for Creo Parametric Aug 2019

4. Modify Creo Parametrics file • Open your file • Add the option protkdat • The value is the path pointing to the location of the protk.dat file. Example:

3. Installation • Start the installer. We recommend to run the installer as an administrator. • Follow the instructions • Once the installation has been completed, a readme.txt will pop up. • Navigate to the installation path and copy the protk.dat ’s path ( shift+RMB )

5. Run Keyshot from Creo Parametric • Restart Creo Parametric after you modified the file • Check that the Keyshot tab is visible in the Creo Parametric ribbon • Start Keyshot by clicking Render


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