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This page is a help and a guide for when you are installing Creo Illustrate. Keep in mind:

- You will need a PTC account to download software. If you wish to create an account, look at the guide Create PTC Account found under License and Administration.
- Have the latest software downloaded. Download it on the PTC website after logging in with your PTC account.

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4. Step 3 - Select a language from the drop down list and click OK

5. Step 4 - Click Next to continue the installation

1. Installation Guide Creo Illustrate

6. Step 5 - Read the License Agreement and click I accept and Next to continue the installation.

7. Step 6 - Click Install to continue the installation. The setup program displays the status of the installation.

3. Step 1 - Unzip the downloaded media Step 2 - Start the installation 
 locate the \setup.vbs program

2. Install Creo Illustrate To be able to install Creo Illustrate you need to have the installation media ready at hands. To make sure you use the latest version of the program go to the PTC website and check for the latest download. To be able to download the installation media you need a PTC account. See the “Create a PTC account”-guide how to do that.


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