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Installation guide for Creo Illustrate

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6. Step 2. Accept License Agreement Accept the License Agreement terms and click on Advanced

7. Step 3. Installation path Specify installation path and click next

8. Step 4. Install Review features and click on Install

10. Connecting Creo Illustrate to Windchill [Month Year]

11. Step 1. Open Creo illustrate Open the options menu in Creo Illustrate:

13. Step 3. Verify connection Verify the connection:

14. Step 4. Done Creo Illustrate should have a connection with the server.

1. Installation Guide Creo Illustrate [Month Year]

5. Step 1. Run setup After getting the installation files, start installation either from disc or from extracted folder. Run setup.exe as administrator

4. Download software Choose the product Choose the version and datecode

9. Step 5. Done A license location/server must be defined during initial startup of Creo Illustrate. Type in the port and name of the server in format 7788@<server name> under License Information in the License server box or a path to license file if using node locked license.

12. Step 2. Add server Add the server via General – Windchill – Add

3. Download software You have two choices for downloading the software: 1. Choosing what to download. If your company has multiple products with maintenance, you can in next step choose the product(s) for download or physical shipment ordering. 2. If you have purchased new software, you can download the relevant software by entering the Sales Order Number (SON) you have received from us.

2. Download software Note: In order to get access to PTC software downloads, you need to have registered your account as a customer account. Please see separate instructions for that. Go to Go to Download Software


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