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This is an installation guide that shows step-by-step how to install Creo View.

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1. Installation Guide Creo View Aug 2019

5. Step 3. Click Install on the installation page and accept license agreement

4. Step 2. The Software Downloads page opens, click the Creo View Installation link

6. Step 4. When the installation is complete, please check the installation path to verify that the fi les have been successfully installed. In this example Creo View was installed default under: C:\program fi les\PTC\Creo 4.1\

2. Install Creo View This guide describes how to install Creo View when the installation package is available in the Windchill installation. Whether or not it is available depends on the con fi gurations made during the Windchill implementation If you cannot access the download via Windchill, you can fi nd it after log in to the PTC website ( : Software Downloads > Order or Download Software Updates > Creo View

3. Step 1. Open Windchill in a browser and click on the Quick Links drop - down menu . Select Software Downloads

7. Step 5. Search for an object in Windchill that has a representation and click the thumbnail image on the Details page. If you receive a warning from your browser about allowing the website to open the fi le, please select Allow . Remember to check the Do not show me the warning for this program so you do not receive the warning in the future Chrome Internet Explorer

8. Step 6. Click the representation of the object again – if needed. The browser should open a new Creo View window where you can view the model If you encounter problems during the installation, please contact our technical support


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