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This page is a help and a guide for when you want to install the license server FlexLM 11.14. Keep in mind:

Before your start, make sure you have your license file ready. Look at the guide License Administration - Create, Move and Reconfigure License for help with ordering a license file.

Download the installation media from the PTC website, or follow the link described in the guide.
- PTC Account with administrator privileges needed
- Select the version FlexLM 11.14
- Download PTC License Server

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1. Installation Guide License Server FlexLM 11.14

7. Step 6. Accept the License Agreement Accept the software license agreement and click Next .

8. Step 7. Select the License File Select Open and browse to your license file ( license.dat or a txt - file). Select Open.

9. Step 8. Finish the Installation When you have selected your license file (previous step), the license server will be installed. Wait for it to finish and when the status changes to Available , click Finish .

10. License Server FlexLM 11.14 The installation is complete. You can find the license server under: C: \ Program Files \ PTC

5. Step 4 . Run the Setup as an Administrator Open the unzipped folder on your Desktop, right - click setup.exe and choose Run as Administrator .

6. Step 5. Setup Licens The Setup l icense option should be pre - selected. Click Next .

4. Step 3. Uninstall Old Versions of the License Server This step is for users with an existing license server installed: Uninstall the installed license server via the Control Panel and Uninstall a Program - menu . If needed stop the Flexlm server ... service from the windows services

3. Step 2 . Retrieve The License File To order a new licenses or reconfigure and existing one, p lease see the guide: License Administration – Create, Move and Reconfigure Licenses If you already have a license server installed and wish only to perform an upgrade of the software, remember to save a copy of your existing license file before uninstalling your old license server. The existing license file ( license.dat ) can be found in the licensing - folder of the installed license server.

2. This guide describes how to install the license server FlexLM 11.14, which is needed for using Creo Parametric 4.0 M010 or above. Step 1. Download the Software - Download the license server software: FlexAdmin version 11.14 - Unzip it, and save it on your Desktop . Note! All Flex License server versions could be found here To be able to download software or licenses you are required to have a PTC user account with administrator privileges. To create a PTC account see the guide: PTC Guide - Create PTC Account


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