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This guide is a step-by-step instruction for how to install Mathcad Prime 5.0.

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1. Installation Guide Mathcad Prime 5.0

6. Step 4. Finish installation

3. Step 1. Install new software

4. Step2. Accept license agreement

9. Step 7. Choose the license type

11. Step 7b. Fill in the credentials for your PTC account

8. Step 6. Activate license Activate your license by going to M > Options > License

10. Step 7a. If you chose Get License : choose Activate purchased license

12. Step 7c. Enter you Product code Enter your product code stated in the shipment confirmation letter that was sent to you when you ordered the license.

5. Step 3. Choose which applications to install (default: all) • Language • System 64/32 bit • Shortcut creation

13. Step 7d. Select the products you wish to install the license for Select the versions you want to activate and click Acquire License

14. And that’s it! Mathcad validates your Product Code and login information, retrieves your license file , and automatically activates the software. You are ready to start using Mathcad Prime 5.0!

2. Installing the software Download and un pack the latest datecode of Mathcad Prime 5.0. Installation media can be found at /support under Order or Download Software Updates . C lick setup.exe to start the installation.

7. Step 5. Start Mathcad Prime 5.0 You have now installed Prime 5.0. Start the program via the desktop icon and check which mode it is in. If it says Express at the top of the page, you may continue with the steps in this guide to point out your license and make it a full version of Prime 5.0.


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