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This document shows how to use the tools available at the PTC license management portal.

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1. PTC administration License management portal

2. This guide will walkthrough the PTC license management tools collected at. https://support.ptc.com/apps/licensePortal/auth/ssl/index

7. Helpful Resources See PTC own Knowledgbase articles in this subject , download software and get tips and tricks.

5. Adress Management Adress Management – Keep track of all your sites. Edit thier information as they change , inactivate an address or create new ones .

6. Hardware Management Hardware Management – Get a report of all hardware where licenses are installed and their contact personal. You are able to edit or inactivate hosts on the list.

4. Advanced Search Advanced search – Use this tool to get an overview of your license pool. Based on your search you can move , de- install or create temporary locked licenses .

3. Quick Licensing On the right side you will fi nd two blocks, Quick Licensing and Download license . Quick Licensing – Have you bought a new product ? Enter your order number to start the process of getting your license . Download License – Are you upgrading to a new release and want to retrive your license pack. Enter the host ID to have it sent to your administrators email.


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