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This document gives an overview of the different type of connections that are available in Mechanism design.

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2. Connection DOF References needed Example Note Weld No degree of freedom CSYS to CSYS Weld connection enables sub-assemblies to be rigidly constrained, yet it also enables for open degrees of freedom in the sub-assembly to be maintained. Bearing Four degrees of freedom Point to Axis A Bearing connection set is really a combination of both Ball and Slider connections General User defined Most of the Creo Parametric constraints and relevant references are enabled for your selection (not tangency). Use the General connection set to create any desired number of degrees of freedom when connecting your model. Slot Four degrees of freedom Point on Trajectory Slot Axis is used to define the start and end point of the trajectory 6DOF Six degrees of freedom CSYS to CSYS Does not affect the motion of the component in relation to the assembly. The X, Y, and Z assembly axes are motion axes allowing rotation and translation Gimbal Three degrees of freedom CSYS to CSYS Free rotation around the three axes of the coordinate system 2014-01-03

1. Connection DOF References needed Example Note Rigid No degree of freedom similar to constraints When using a rigid connection to assemble a sub- assembly with Mechanism Design connections to a master assembly, the sub-assembly is considered as a ground body and loses its internal motion. Pin one rotational degree of freedom Axis alignment and coincident reference The component is allowed to move like the pointer on a clock. Use the rotational axis to define references to set limitations the motion. Slider One translational degree of freedom Axis to Axis and Orientation reference (from ground part) The component moves like an elevator door. Cylinder Two degrees of freedom Axis alignment only Free to move along and around a defined axis. Planar Three degrees of freedom Two Planar references A Planar connection set contains one constraint and three motion axis settings. There are two degrees of freedom in the referenced plane and one degree of freedom around an axis perpendicular to it. Ball No motion axes to control or limit the rotation Point to Point (Create datum point with the sphere surface as reference and the At Center option) Use additional constraint sets to limit the motion of the connected component. CONNECTIONS OVERVIEW 2014-01-03


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