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This guide is to clarify the installation procedure and configuration to get started with Performance Advisor for PTC Creo.

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1. Setup Performance Advisor Creo

4. Step 2. Start and activate you the logging of PTC Diagnostics Tool from the start menu . How to setup Performance Advisor Set sending frequency Set information to send Press ” Send Now ”

6. Step 4. Now you should be able to access the Performance Advisor 1. Click on tab Tools à Performance Advisors . 2. Select the Performance Advisor for PTC Creo How to Access Performance Advisor

3. Step 1. Make sure that PTC Diagnostics Tool are installed In the Creo Parametric installation make sure that the component ” Enable diagnostics data collection for the applications ” checkbox are filled . How to setup Performance Advisor

5. Step 3. Now that the information are send from the client machines from PTC Diagnostics tool , the information will be processed and then accessed from your PTC account . 1. Start by go to / 2. Log in and access ” MY ACCOUNT ” à ” Manage your existing Account ” 3. Go to ” eSupport Settings ” and fill in the checkbox ” Performance advisor for PTC Creo ” How to Access Performance Advisor

7. Step 5. Explore the Performance Advisor features How to Access Performance Advisor Note! • It can take a couple of hours before the first information is processed from the client machines . • Switch Data , you can switch from ” Sample Data” and ”My Data” • Data Sharing , here you can share the data for your company to an person outside your organisation For more information and FAQs please see : CS199298

2. What is Performance Advisor for PTC Creo ? This guide is to clarify the installation procedure and configuration to get started with Performance Advisor for PTC Creo Performance Advisor for PTC Creo have the following uses : • Gather performance and diagnostics data from all Creo client machines • Keep track on datecodes , hardware information, software setup and give recomendations and mathces using PTC:s database Performance Advisor for PTC Creo uses and dashboard that can be connected through the PTC website

8. Step 5. To role out and activate Performance Advisor for all Creo users please perform following steps: To install Quality Agent in silent mode using msi file , ref CS93770 • For Creo Parametric 4.0 to 6.0: Execute command < Path to msi > / passive PTC Quality Agent: < Creo Install Image> \ install \ addon \ qualityagent_64.msi Example , run this command as administrator , this will install the Diagnostic Tools on the machine : To start sending reports to PTC: • Automatic sending of report can also be enabled / disabled using the registry entry QualityAgentOptIn with value 1 (ON) or 0 (OFF) Location of the registry entry is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ WOW6432Node \ PTC \ ( corresponds to the build code of the MOR in use ) Example , this search - path is for Creo Parametric 4.0: To change this registry entry , Select QualityAgentOptIn > RMB > Modify and edit the Value Data as required Alternative for Silent Installation checking / unchecking of Diagnostics will be recorded like this : < QUALITY_AGENT required ="N" keyname =" QualityAgentOptIn " enable ="N "/> If Diagnostics should be switched on, it would be enable ="Y" Role out and automate Performance Advisor \ \ networserver \ creo4_silent_install \ Creo4_M080_silentinstall \ install \ addon \ qualityagent_64.msi /passive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ WOW6432Node \ PTC \ PTC Creo Parametric \ 4.0 \ 2018420


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