Upgrade Guide GD&T Advisor from v1 to v2 for Creo

This installations guide is meant for users who already have the v1 of the GD&T Advisor installed. To be able to install GD&T Advisor you need to have the installation media ready at hand. Access the latest software release from the Sigmetrix Support Center Download by first registering your valid GD&T Advisor serial number, which can be found in your license file. Once you have downloaded the appropriate software distribution file, you should extract the files to a temporary folder. Please note: Since GD&T Advisor v2.0 requires some application options in the application options file (GDTAAppOptions.xml) that were not required in previous releases, the installer renames the existing application options file (GDTAAppOptions.xml renamed to GDTAAppOptions.xml.sav) and copies a new applications options file with default settings into the installation folder. If you have made customizations to your application options file, you should similarly customize the v2.0 application options file.
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